Who we are

FF-LogoFamily Fashion was founded in the year 2010, with a view to change traditional culture of garment trading and foster the industry through top class products and service to the clientele. The company is now one of the leading providers of sports casual ware, Promotional clothing in Sri Lanka.

Family Fashions focus on supplying all kind of sports and casual ware garments as well as accessories to all age groups in the country through which to reach the global market.
Resulting from the trend of growing number of people who are talking up the practice of work out and being unusually casul and stylish with their attire any time of the day, as well as requests from our customers , we sought out suggestion and feedback from our tlent and local professional expertise for inspiration and design.
We specialize in promotional attires and sports attires with a special segments on T-shirts and caps etc. Being one of the first Sri Lankan clothing brands to enter the retail sports ware category, we occupied a greater portion of the market share by storm.
Our Vision
Achieve exceptional profitability and growth while providing innovation and creativeness.
Goals & values
  1. To find new opportunities and offer innovative ideas & products to the society.

  2. Provide best quality products for the lowest budgets.

  3. Increase the profitability by 30% within next 2 yrs.

  4. Provide full satisfaction to the customers.

  5. Increase the market share by 50% within next 2 yrs.

We are proud to work with
  • Pan Asia Bank
  • Peoples Bank
  • Seylan Bank
  • NBC
  • Nations Trust Bank
  • Commercial Bank
  • DFCC Vardhana Bank
  • Sri Lanka Youth
  • HNB
  • DFCC Bank
  • Lucky Homes
  • Dialog
Our experience

We are specialized in making promotional t-shirts, sport t-shirts, long sleeve jerseys, shorts, bottoms and caps and hats for any occasion you want.

We can provide the design, color as you wish according to your imagination. We have been designing our products for front line companies, banks and universities for past 5 years.

Services & products

We are producing international standard T-shirts using high quality ingredients as Bangkok, Polyester, 65/35 Cotton Polyester, 100% Cotton etc.

Sport T-Shirts

We are Manuf. & Printing sport t-shirts which can be used for any sport as you like. We are using high quality materials which is best for the sporting.

Long Sleeve Jersey

We are producing long sleeve jerseys usually used for the sports. We are using high quality materials and can be made any design you desires.


We are manuf. & printing any kind of sports bottoms using high quality materials which can be used for any sport or do the exercises.


We are making various kind of shorts for any occasion as for sports, casual wear etc. we are using high quality materials for perfect output.


We are producing caps and hats using high quality materials and various designs as you desire. Can be made for any occasion.